Photo by Chelsea Ellis

Kanner Kreative (KK) is a Portland, Maine based web consulting studio that specializes in crafting clean, precise website solutions with a focus on the user experience, information architecture, design, development and project management across diverse industries.  Clients include colleges, universities, small businesses, startups, artists and non-profits across the US.  KK strives to create a web experience that is intuitive for users through ease of navigability, clean design and inviting pathways.

Ellen Kanner, Principal
Ellen spent seven years working on Dartmouth College’s web team to design, build and manage the HTML/CSS/JS templates for the content management system used by 150+websites on campus. This experience gave her insight into the intricacies of managing the web properties at large scale organizations, and particularly higher education institutions. Since 2009, she has focused on user experience design, primarily on user research, information architecture, design and page schematics while leading to well-planned websites and web-based software applications, managed on time and on budget.