Student portal information architecture, layout and design

Posted on Jan 29, 2016

A student portal was designed for EDCC as an entry point for students. It gives them the ability to sign in to their class, financial, email and other campus systems. Also, the portal provides weather alerts, upcoming academic and financial dates and deadlines, traffic updates and regional weather for the many commuters coming to campus, news and events pertaining to students. Kanner Kreative performed user research for the main site and gathered information on what would be most useful for a site geared toward current students. Working with the Web Team at EDCC, bringing in higher education best practices, Kanner Kreative came up with a gateway that engages with students, is all-encompassing and gives the college a valuable communication tool....

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Posted on Oct 2, 2015

A complete redesign of a WordPress site for, a tech recruitment firm, with the aim to retain most of the content, inquiry forms, and tools while bringing in elements of Maine and an updated...

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Edmonds Community College

Posted on Jun 5, 2015

A redesign and re-architecture project that first launched as a homepage redesign and progressed to a full website redesign for Edmonds Community College out of Lynwood, Washington. The following was performed for the client: Research in the form of user feedback gathering, stakeholder interviews, user testing, heuristic review, data tracking, survey, Google Analytics analysis The project began in 2013 with a homepage redesign and progressed to a full website redesign and re-architecture once budget was approved over a year later. Graphical interface design for the site initially and collaborating with the client on the final design. Kanner Kreative was there to guide the client from user testing through working with OmniUpdate’s OUCampus...

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User Experience Consulting

Posted on Mar 15, 2015

Improving the experience for your users is a primary goal of any website redesign project or software development project. First, we need to understand your user’s goals, your organization’s business goals and how one relates to the other. Services offered to  clients include: Project management of user experience and design portion of project, from initial kick-off meeting through hand-off to developers and content management system development team User research includes data collection, focus groups, stakeholder interviews, personas testing, and one-on-one feedback sessions with primary audience members Review of previously collected data and user research Heuristic review and analysis of existing website/product and analytics Report on research findings including recommendations from user experience and industry best practices, product/website issues and strong points, suggestions for governance (organizational), and other details based on the project Strategy based information architecture (site structure) and page schematics/wireframe development User interface design of primary page(s), subsequent templates,  and portal pages as needed Primary audience(s) user research testing on wireframes and/or proposed design...

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Who are you talkin’ to?

Posted on Feb 9, 2015

When it comes to user research – particularly that of gathering user feedback directly and personally – who you talk to is just as important as knowing who is using your public website everyday. At colleges and universities, which are highly political organizations in and of themselves, it is most important to talk to a college website’s primary audience – prospective students. I’ve sat in many a meeting where the student’s weren’t initially going to be part of the discussion – believe it or not.  Knowing your market, particularly your student age populations, is of utmost importance. Sure, we can talk to administrators, the VP of Marketing or the Director of Admissions, but no one is more affected by the functionality of your website than higher-education-seeking, prospective students. And no one is going to be more disturbed by a poorly organized website with internal higher education “speak” used for the site’s primary navigation. Are you using terms that students don’t understand or relate to? For example, “Prospective students” is not a term that high school students understand at all, after all, they are “Current students” technically. Did your organization do a large marketing campaign on a system and use terms that do not explain it? Fail. Time to test with primary audience users. That is why it is imperative that prospective students be included in your user research for any website redesign. Finding high school students, if that is your primary enrollment population, is tough, but college admission counselors, local high school guidance counselors, and parents who are college staff can also provide possible users to test and/or gather usability feedback. If your students are older, consider getting contacts through college staff, professional organizations connected with the college, or a major employer who has used your retraining services, to find your audience. Offering a thank you gift makes the experience all the more enjoyable and palatable to any person participating. It doesn’t have to be big – a $25 gift card for 35 minutes of feedback is most welcome. Or if you’re doing them in person, some sweet treats are always appreciated. Anyone under 18, you will need to get parental approval – this can be tricky so planning ahead of time and recruiting weeks in advance of your user feedback sessions will be most important. If primary students are not available, consider first year students – they are newest to the institution and are more likely to still stumble upon terminology, completing tasks and understanding different elements on your pages. So start with talking to your student audience for a better website and enhanced outcomes for student engagement!...

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Lake Washington Institute of Techology Redesign

Posted on Jan 23, 2015

The redesign project for Lake Washington Institute of Technology involved user research which resulted in developing a new information architecture, page layout and design to attract the primary audience. Working collaboratively with the internal web and marketing team, Kanner Kreative was able to provide guidance in user research, develop a new information architecture, content strategy and page layout, as well as direction in design, responsive template development and planning for OmniUpdate...

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