Remodeling a Support Site

OmniUpdate, a longtime partner in higher education website development needed an intuitively-architected solution for their support website. Built on Twitter Bootstrap…

University of Texas at Tyler

A total website redesign and re-architecture for the University of Texas at Tyler as part of a team through Noel-Levitz. Involvement on Ellen’s end included user experience consulting to develop a new information architecture as well as extensive wireframing as both a means to inventory content/UI elements.  This involved gathering prospective student feedback, interviews and card […]

West Valley College

A year long project taking the college’s website from a 1990s constricted table-based version to a complete website graphical redesign and transfer to the OmniUpdate CMS. This project involved gathering user  feedback on the previous site and developing an information architecture and graphic user interface for homepage and sub-pages. CSS, HTML, content development, and project management […]

Non-profit: Sustainable Woodstock

The site for Sustainable Woodstock was developed in a joint effort with Michael Stoner, lead volunteer on the project and long-time non-profit website guru. It was built on the WordPress platform with customization of the original theme. The site includes a feed from Google Calendar into the right hand sidebar, e-commerce system for donations using […]